About Feminist Book Fortnight

In 2018  a group of radical and independent bookshops around the UK and Ireland launched Feminist Book Fortnight, a celebration of feminist books. Independent bookshops around the country highlighted the diversity of feminist books over the two weeks with displays of books and lots of events. Participating bookshops reported lots of full events and a “thirst” for discussion of feminist issues as well as celebration of feminist achievements.

Women’s voices are raised and are increasingly heard. The #MeToo campaign as well as many other movements around the world have once again, and not before time, brought many issues to the fore.

There has been an explosion of new feminist publishing in the last two to three years. Books by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Laura Bates, Mary Beard, Laurie Penny, Rebecca Solnit and many others have become bestsellers. Younger feminists are also discovering feminist classics by writers and activists such as Audre Lorde, whose writing was recently republished in the UK by Silver Press. Independent bookshops wanted to celebrate these authors but also provide space for discussions and learning.

In 2019 Feminist Book Fortnight will run from Saturday 4th May to Saturday 18th May.

Last year over 50 bookshops took part and this year we have many more. To find out if your local bookstore is taking part in 2019, click on Participating Bookshops.

We are delighted to say that some other venues such as arts centres and Feminist libraries are also putting on events in 2019. As we are notified of events in 2019, these will be listed on the events page by town or city so that you can easily check on events near you. Do come along!