About Feminist Book Fortnight: 16-30 June 2018

Why Feminist Book Fortnight?

In celebration of Vote 100, the hundredth anniversary of some women in the UK getting the vote, a group of radical and independent bookshops launched Feminist Book Fortnight, a  celebration of feminist books.

There has been an explosion of new feminist publishing in the last two to three years.  Books by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Laura Bates, Mary Beard, Laurie Penny, Rebecca Solnit, 404Ink,and many others have become bestsellers. Younger feminists are also discovering feminist classics by writers and activists such as Audre Lorde, whose writing was recently republished in the UK by Silver Press.


Independent bookshops around the country highlighted the diversity of feminist books over two weeks in June 2018 with displays of books and lots of events.  Listed below are the bookshops involved in Feminist Book Fortnight. We are delighted to say that some other outlets that promote women’s writing also putting on events.  See the events page for a list of events that happened around the country.

Associated events also took place here:


Please note: there is no central event organisation for this promotion.  Each bookshop does whatever they wish to do as part of this promotion and we have invited them to place details of their events on the Facebook page.

Publishers: we may do this again next year and articipating bookshops will be approaching you!  However, please do contact participating bookshops if you could offer an appropriate author event.  Please do remember to contact bookshops outside London!